Mobile Shopping Cart

In terms of merchandise sales operation such as travel exhibition activities, fine food products, accommodation tickets, restaurant tickets, etc. of the travel and lodging industry's own brands,
are you looking for an online shopping platform with special functions and strong integration?

Quickly guide consumer orders
Diverse marketing pricing tools

Quickly Guide Consumer Orders

  • Hierarchical classification list
  • Ad placement is free to place.
  • Home product modules - guide purchase recommended products.
  • One-page checkout module: significantly reduce the leaving rate
  • Community login: quick login action

Diverse Marketing Pricing Tools

  • Coupon code: Discount coupons can be sent for products.
  • Stepped Discount: 10% off for 2 items, 20% off for 3 items.
  • Membership Level Discount: VIP is different from at-large member price.
  • Bonus Points: The ability to accumulate points by shopping.