Redefine Your Booking Information Needs

The Booking Engine reservation information system we provide is a booking solution developed in line with the habits of today's mobile users.
The system has strong full money flow support and seamless back end tandem technology behind it, as well as big data back end analysis reports and more convenient marketing back end, greatly increasing the achievement of your brand's business set goals.
Now many hoteliers have completed the conversion.

Now we are launching a "frequent customer program"! Old customers upgrade RWD reservation system for free; please contact service window.

RWD responsive type
Back end system integration
Complete analysis report
Travelers in all regions of the world are willing to use mobile booking

RWD Responsive Type

"The mobile booking market will grow rapidly in the next three years. It is estimated that by 2017, the number of mobile booking orders will account for 25% of the total online bookings."

Source: International Business Travel Management Company CWT (Carson Wagonlit Travel)

  • RWD responsive type allows your users to use a variety of different operating platforms to book in a different situation conveniently and start a perfect journey.

Back End System Integration

  • Complete and secure system concatenation mechanism integrates hotel PMS, CRS, RMS, etc., greatly reducing hotel management costs and time.
  • The integration of back end systems with Hotel Nabe's distribution system allows you to respond internally and externally. There is no need to worry about it at all. Information programs are completely resolved.
I want to know Hotel Nabe.

Complete Analysis Report

  • Big data back end system analysis report completely presents all reference information of judgments and marketing activities required by business personnel.
  • It also includes competitive product data analysis. Know both ourselves and our adversaries, then we shall be ever victorious.