"Commercial Gift Certificate Issuance and Management Service Platform Construction"

We were awarded the "Outstanding SBIR R&D Alliance" award for the 2010 annual technology special merit program of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

After the construction of the project platform is completed and operations are introduced, the following benefits will be brought to the domestic industry and related industries:

Standardizing and digitalizing the gift certificate issuance process and fully complying with government regulations can significantly shorten the time horizon and improve the efficiency of the industry.

Improve the flexibility of vendor gift certificate issuance: with instant online gift certificate issuance, verification and printing functions, manufacturers can print gift certificates at the time of sale, without having to back up inventory beforehand, and each issuance quota and product content of gift certificates can be flexibly adjusted to enable manufacturers to maximize efficiency of use in bank guaranteed quota.

After the gift voucher is collected (after the consumer's payment, the voucher is collected by the manufacturer), the voucher can be written off to the bank, and the guarantee amount can be charged back immediately, allowing the gift voucher to be recycled for use.

Manufacturers can use on their own in bank credit guarantee quotas to improve business flexibility and efficiency.

Reduce manual work errors and provide vendor and bank system management and auditing capabilities.

The voucher itself has multiple anti-counterfeiting functions, and has a unique serial number, which can reduce the risk of fake voucher being forged.

Provide consumers with on-line inspection function: Consumers can go to the website and enter the serial number of the gift voucher to check the authenticity of the gift certificate and whether the amount is true, and provide a mechanism for the inspection of both the buyer and the seller.

Enterprise Certification

Surehigh International Technology has always been a strategic partnership for travel and lodging companies in systems, marketing, and channel marketing because we know that a single solution cannot meet customer needs, and the presentation of security certification is the cornerstone of sustainable cooperation.

Surehigh International Technology Co., Ltd. obtains nqa certification.

What is nqa?

National Quality Assurance (NQA) is one of the world's leading certification body. Since its establishment, NQA has been officially accredited by Britain UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service), Netherlands RVA (Dutch National Quality Accreditation Agency Accreditation Committee) and ANAB (ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board).
Major client:
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Boeing, the European Space Agency, LG, CANON