Technology Pioneer Focused On The Tourism Industry

Surehigh International Technology Group is a provider of integrated service and information solutions focused on the tourism industry. Over the years, we have been working hard in the hotel online booking business. In the hundreds of customer service experiences, we have accumulated a skillful software development technology and industry know-how, and have been taking accompanying companies to grow together, supporting all stages demand, and assisting with overall resource integration as our goal.

Since its inception, Surehigh International Technology Group has been upholding the professional, quality, and efficient business philosophy, committed to the research, development, and service of the hospitality tourism industry information management system. It has implemented sophisticated technology and taken customer orientation, assisting in fully digitalization of sightseeing, tourism, and catering industry, having software tools of international standards and the development of marketing channels of international vision for the business objectives.

We provide the most intelligent and professional information systems and e-commerce mechanisms for leisure and tourism related industries [hotels, travel agencies, restaurants, reservation centers, aviation industry]. Now it has become an enterprise group in Chinese nations and regions that assists the most hotels in the implementation of online e-commerce, and has the highest system occupancy, and the leading edge in technology.

We have also discovered during many years of service experience that no matter how mature the network technology is today, how vast the message volumes are, the hotel management system is still unable to effectively combine the overall advantages of the website, effectively overcome the problems of the divergent fighting and bring into play the huge boundless benefits of the Internet to increase the popularity of hotels and then effectively develop customer source. In other words, the hotel’s demand for information systems has not been truly met. Therefore, Surehigh has borrowed from the international tourism hotel management model, combined with the specific practices of local hotels, tracked the development and policies of the hospitality industry, integrated GDS, established the EZHOTEL Platform Booking Engine and HotelNabe (Channel Manager System), integrated perimeter interface and become the first overall hotel information solutions expert.

List of company events

  • Start

    Founded in Cayman

  • Towards the first step

    Entering the Asian market, taking Taiwan as the first stop

  • Not luck

    Successfully completed the contract signing of 50 customers.

  • Milestone

    Cooperate with Sina web to create a new situation to link a different industry, complete the milestone of 100 customer cooperation and establish WWW.EZHOTEL.COM.TW.

  • Achievement

    Combine with digital, cooperate with China Trust Bank and other organizations and make great achievements.

  • Integration

    Successfully develop the hotel front end and back end management system and fully integrate the hotel industry digitalization. Establish WWW.TAIWANHOTEL.COM.TW.

  • Development

    Mergers and acquisitions of China’s Boden Technology formally entered China.
    The 200th customer successfully signed the contract and reached a new peak.
    Albergo series products officially entered the market and were used by many hotels across the Taiwan Strait.

  • International stage

    Introducing the GDS Global Distribution System to let the Asian Chinese tourist market get on the international stage
    Integrate GDS, IRM, and Albergo full-body hotel solutions and import it successfully.

  • Brand evolution

    BOOKING ENGINE continues to evolve in line with user experience.
    Core integration allows the market expected evolution coming soon.